Saturday, 10 November 2007

Round about way of exercising

It's been a week of stranger weather here. It started out dry then wet then snow then windy and rain. Today was very wet but mummy still tried to take me on an exciting walk. We ended up in Beauly which has a really nice park. Usually we go there in the mornings for a quick run around but mummy took me to play on the toys. She seemed to find it great fun to sit on the round about while I ran around and around chasing her. Great exercise in a short space of time.
Luckily when the weather cleared up mummy took me for a walk in the woods where I meet a lovely old collie and a rather scary fat lab but I got cold and wet and needed a warm cuddle.
Mummy has been shopping online and has bought me a special present which apparently I can't get until Dec...wonder what it could be?

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Making my parents proud

Today I achieved the greatest status a little dog can reach. Today I learned everything a dog needs to know to I chased my tail.

A round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round...phew...and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round...

Sunday, 21 October 2007

An update

It has been a busy time. So much has happened this summer. Most recently - today...I was taken to a hippy communion. Luckily I didn't have to spend much time with the hippies but I did meet a little 4 month old cairn. Not as cute as me but he has potential. We exchanged longing longs of playful fun across the organic cafe court yard and while mummy wasn't looking I slipped my harness and frolicked in the organic pond to impress him. Unfortunately I was seduced by the beefalicous treats mummy had in her handbags and before I knew it I was on my restraining lead and being dragged away from the pond. It did smell a bit funny.
Anyway so yeah, hippies...and then there was Glasgow. I spent my first weekend in Glasgow in a proper hotel. I had a great time...played in the botanics, walked along the canal and even met some NEDS or at least they rubbed my super cute belly.
And before that I was at my first music festival. Franz Ferdinand are huge fans of mine...
And before that...oh probably mass family cuddles...

Anyway, now I'm watching a great TV programme about a Fox terrier who is super cute like's called Catwalk least the star dog isn't as cute as me...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Dogs and dates

I had a great weekend in Achiltibuie. Not only did I learn how to escape from the garden and roll in sheep poo but I also got to chase wildlife and met a lovely dog next door. Mummy was so pleased.

I spent a lot of time chasing the birds in the garden which has a great view too...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Westie is the bestie

I have had a very exciting and exhausting weekend. I have been trying to be other animals this weekend. I was watching a Harry Potter film with my mummy and we watched a dragon hatching. I decided that I wanted to try to be a dragon. I like the idea of breathing fire and being able to fly. Mummy thought I would look super cute as a dragon and daddy says I look like something called the 'luck' dragon from the never ending story. Either way I was hoping my wings would grow overnight.

I was a bit disappointed when I woke up because nothing had changed. Maybe it was because I spent all night curled up on mummy and daddys bed so didn't get much sleep. They take up so much space. Hardly any room for a Woofy.

So today I decided maybe to stop trying to be a dragon and instead mummy thought I should try to be a fish. We were walking on the islands in Inverness and mummy tried to teach me to swim in some shallow water. I did not like it. I did not. Woofys are not meant to be fish.

I could try to be a dragon again but mummy says she loves me the way I am. Maybe I'll stay a westie for a bit longer. But now I'm a sleepy westie....

Monday, 2 July 2007

New friend

I made a new friend today. I mean, thats not really news since I make new friends all the time but there was this nice kid I met while walking and he really liked me. Turns out his dad doesn't want him to get a pet. Something against hairy creatures but this kid really liked me. Wants to walk me all the time and play with me. I was really tired and we played around but I needed a sleep. Anyway, turns out mummy was a bit jealous and doesn't want anyone else walking me. I don't blame her. I am super cute.

Had a great day. I have new food bowls. They are pink and spotty. I like pink...almost as much as chicken cake!

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hardly hair!

I've had a hair cut...look!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

She who has the treat

I have been a busy Woofy. The weather has been nice so I have been taking mummy out for a lot of walks. Last night we went to Culloden woods where I consoled a Labrador who had lost his owners. Some dogs just can't train their mummy and daddy to behave.
Today I got to go to Nairn beach which was great fun. I ran around and said hello to everyone on the beach and then I rolled around in the sand to make sure I had enough sand in my fur to deposit in mummy and daddys bed later tonight.
Speaking of fur, I think I am going through some changes. I used to be super soft and fluffy but there are some coarse hairs coming through. Mummy says its normal and every dog goes through it as they get older. I'd rather stay soft and fluffy though :(

Anyway, I need to get back to training mummy. She has to get better at feeding me when I want food. She thinks she has me trained because when there are other dogs around or bikes she holds a treat in her hand so I follow her instead of running after nasty joggers or cyclists...but she doesn't know that it is I who have trained look after me at all times but why can't I get her to feed me?? I've tried the puppy eyes, the rub-my-belly roll and the cuddles but nothing...maybe some Woofy kisses would help, they smell great after the beach.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Using my special powers

It's been another exciting day although for all the wrong reasons. It was mummys first day of holiday so I was expecting a nice long walk followed by something nice to eat at lunchtime, an afternoon of cuddles and sleep before being taken for fun and games in the park but no. Mummy has a cold and keeps sneezing on me. I don't like it. I tried licking her face to cure her but she tasted of menthol.
Daddy took me for a walk this morning and then, after lunch, I though mummy must be getting better because we all went out for a walk. But it was a cunning trick. I had heard them talking about taking me to a V.E.T but I thought that meant a Very Entertaining Treatasticplace but it is not. It means a nasty injection in my back which hurt. I yelped loudly and all the people at the V.E.T jumped. Ha ha...losers.
Mummy gave me a little kiss and tickled my tummy for being such a brave little Westie but I'm still waiting from my treat!

Mummy is getting a new phone soon so she has been uploading all her phone images onto her is a super cute picture of me on my 1st birthday dresses as Princess Leia...

Monday, 28 May 2007

Woofy Westside

What a day. Nice to be home. I had so much to do. First I had to cuddle mummy this morning because it had been at least 10 hours since she last cuddled me. Then I spent most of the morning trying to get daddy out of bed. He was pretending to be tired after that festival thing they spent the weekend at. I finally got him out of bed and got him to take me for a walk. We went to the west side of Inverness. It can be a bit rough there but I have their respect.

Disaster struck when we got home because daddy realised there was no woofy food in the house so I made him share his lunch with me.

They went for food so now I have some lovely chicken, beef and lamb to choose from. I love chicken...chicken cake in particular...or pussy cat pate on toast....yum yum in my woofy tum tum.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Back where I belong

Its been a long weekend. I had to supervise my country estate, well one of them. I have a few - Achiltibuie Arces, Drumnadrochit Drive and sometime North Kessock Bay.

This weekend it was Drumnadrochit and I think I did a job job. It was in a bad way. Started off rainy and there were a lot of unhappy dogs there. They all cheered up when I arrived with my super cute ways. We had a few drinks from the water bowl, knocked back some chum and generally had a few good woofs. Anyway, by Sunday the sun was shining for everyone but it was time for me to head back where I belong. Mummy and Daddy had clearly missed me. They even had a bacon sandwich for me which was nice. I did a poo to celebrate their return. They were very impressed.

So I was given some cuddles and even curled up with mummy for a snooze. Turned out they had a really dull weekend in Skye at some music festival. Mummy said there was a lot of mud. I love mud. Maybe I'll go with them next time. The belly rubs make up for it though.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


What an exciting day. Mummy was at work in Beauly today so Daddy stayed at home with me. I had a great day. We went for a walk around my usual territory but this time I saw some ducks. Now, maybe it's a phase I'm going through, but I really love chasing birds right now. It doesn't seem to matter what it is; pheasant, duck...ostrich...I'll chase it. I love chasing birds...yum yum yummy.

Anyway, other exciting news; apparently I'm off to my holiday home this weekend. Every now and again mummy and daddy let me have a weekend to myself to look after my country estate. It is in Drumnadrochit. It's really nice, nice views and forests to play in...lots of birds. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. Mummy and Daddy will probably not get anything done while I'm away. I'm the glue of this family...anyway, it's cuddle time now so I'm off to find mummy,

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Day 1

It's been a really exciting day today. Apart from setting up my very own blog dog page I got a new toy. Mummy ordered a new desk for her to work at on the days when she stays at home with me. She usually pretends to work while I sleep and when I'm ready to be fed/walked/cuddled I go and tell her by jumping on her knees. Works every time.

Anyway, this desk smells funny. Must be from a charity shop or something but at least it doesn't smell of another dog...or worse....

Anyway, really exciting day because now I have something else I can sleep on or under. Daddy comes home from work soon. I wonder if he will bring me anything to eat?