Saturday, 23 June 2007

Hardly hair!

I've had a hair cut...look!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

She who has the treat

I have been a busy Woofy. The weather has been nice so I have been taking mummy out for a lot of walks. Last night we went to Culloden woods where I consoled a Labrador who had lost his owners. Some dogs just can't train their mummy and daddy to behave.
Today I got to go to Nairn beach which was great fun. I ran around and said hello to everyone on the beach and then I rolled around in the sand to make sure I had enough sand in my fur to deposit in mummy and daddys bed later tonight.
Speaking of fur, I think I am going through some changes. I used to be super soft and fluffy but there are some coarse hairs coming through. Mummy says its normal and every dog goes through it as they get older. I'd rather stay soft and fluffy though :(

Anyway, I need to get back to training mummy. She has to get better at feeding me when I want food. She thinks she has me trained because when there are other dogs around or bikes she holds a treat in her hand so I follow her instead of running after nasty joggers or cyclists...but she doesn't know that it is I who have trained look after me at all times but why can't I get her to feed me?? I've tried the puppy eyes, the rub-my-belly roll and the cuddles but nothing...maybe some Woofy kisses would help, they smell great after the beach.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Using my special powers

It's been another exciting day although for all the wrong reasons. It was mummys first day of holiday so I was expecting a nice long walk followed by something nice to eat at lunchtime, an afternoon of cuddles and sleep before being taken for fun and games in the park but no. Mummy has a cold and keeps sneezing on me. I don't like it. I tried licking her face to cure her but she tasted of menthol.
Daddy took me for a walk this morning and then, after lunch, I though mummy must be getting better because we all went out for a walk. But it was a cunning trick. I had heard them talking about taking me to a V.E.T but I thought that meant a Very Entertaining Treatasticplace but it is not. It means a nasty injection in my back which hurt. I yelped loudly and all the people at the V.E.T jumped. Ha ha...losers.
Mummy gave me a little kiss and tickled my tummy for being such a brave little Westie but I'm still waiting from my treat!

Mummy is getting a new phone soon so she has been uploading all her phone images onto her is a super cute picture of me on my 1st birthday dresses as Princess Leia...