Saturday, 10 November 2007

Round about way of exercising

It's been a week of stranger weather here. It started out dry then wet then snow then windy and rain. Today was very wet but mummy still tried to take me on an exciting walk. We ended up in Beauly which has a really nice park. Usually we go there in the mornings for a quick run around but mummy took me to play on the toys. She seemed to find it great fun to sit on the round about while I ran around and around chasing her. Great exercise in a short space of time.
Luckily when the weather cleared up mummy took me for a walk in the woods where I meet a lovely old collie and a rather scary fat lab but I got cold and wet and needed a warm cuddle.
Mummy has been shopping online and has bought me a special present which apparently I can't get until Dec...wonder what it could be?