Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What are gardens for?

What a busy few weeks I have had. I mean, everyone has been wanting to spend so much time with me. Mummy and Daddy both took time off work to spend time with me which was really nice. I even got some cool presents out of it. I got a new pink diamond collar, new dog tag, a squeaky toy and a pull-toy...I am so lucky.
It's been a couple of weeks of adventure. First I had to protect everyone in my Highland estate from a vicious scottie dog from down the road, then there was lightening which struck the house. Mummy was so scared she made us sleep in the same room as Auntie Rona. We were all up all night and mummy was exhausted the next day.
When we finally made it back to Inverness Daddy had really missed me and dedicated his evening to playing sweet music to me from the local venue. His whole family had missed me and invited me round for dinner which was nice as I got to play with the tree decorations.
I've made lots of new friends in the park and in the woods, none of them have a collar as nice as mine...
BUT tonight I was so confused. Mummy took me for a walk and I went to take my usual squat on the neighbours garden and mummy wouldn't let me. She was mumbling something about "...lights on....might see you....not dignified..." I don't know what that means!!!!
I mean, what else is a piece of grass for if a dog can't do a poo?

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Round about way of exercising

It's been a week of stranger weather here. It started out dry then wet then snow then windy and rain. Today was very wet but mummy still tried to take me on an exciting walk. We ended up in Beauly which has a really nice park. Usually we go there in the mornings for a quick run around but mummy took me to play on the toys. She seemed to find it great fun to sit on the round about while I ran around and around chasing her. Great exercise in a short space of time.
Luckily when the weather cleared up mummy took me for a walk in the woods where I meet a lovely old collie and a rather scary fat lab but I got cold and wet and needed a warm cuddle.
Mummy has been shopping online and has bought me a special present which apparently I can't get until Dec...wonder what it could be?

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Making my parents proud

Today I achieved the greatest status a little dog can reach. Today I learned everything a dog needs to know to survive...today I chased my tail.

A round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round...phew...and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round and a round...

Sunday, 21 October 2007

An update

It has been a busy time. So much has happened this summer. Most recently - today...I was taken to a hippy communion. Luckily I didn't have to spend much time with the hippies but I did meet a little 4 month old cairn. Not as cute as me but he has potential. We exchanged longing longs of playful fun across the organic cafe court yard and while mummy wasn't looking I slipped my harness and frolicked in the organic pond to impress him. Unfortunately I was seduced by the beefalicous treats mummy had in her handbags and before I knew it I was on my restraining lead and being dragged away from the pond. It did smell a bit funny.
Anyway so yeah, hippies...and then there was Glasgow. I spent my first weekend in Glasgow in a proper hotel. I had a great time...played in the botanics, walked along the canal and even met some NEDS or at least they rubbed my super cute belly.
And before that I was at my first music festival. Franz Ferdinand are huge fans of mine...
And before that...oh probably mass family cuddles...

Anyway, now I'm watching a great TV programme about a Fox terrier who is super cute like me...it's called Catwalk Dogs...at least the star dog isn't as cute as me...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Dogs and dates

I had a great weekend in Achiltibuie. Not only did I learn how to escape from the garden and roll in sheep poo but I also got to chase wildlife and met a lovely dog next door. Mummy was so pleased.

I spent a lot of time chasing the birds in the garden which has a great view too...

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Westie is the bestie

I have had a very exciting and exhausting weekend. I have been trying to be other animals this weekend. I was watching a Harry Potter film with my mummy and we watched a dragon hatching. I decided that I wanted to try to be a dragon. I like the idea of breathing fire and being able to fly. Mummy thought I would look super cute as a dragon and daddy says I look like something called the 'luck' dragon from the never ending story. Either way I was hoping my wings would grow overnight.

I was a bit disappointed when I woke up because nothing had changed. Maybe it was because I spent all night curled up on mummy and daddys bed so didn't get much sleep. They take up so much space. Hardly any room for a Woofy.

So today I decided maybe to stop trying to be a dragon and instead mummy thought I should try to be a fish. We were walking on the islands in Inverness and mummy tried to teach me to swim in some shallow water. I did not like it. I did not. Woofys are not meant to be fish.

I could try to be a dragon again but mummy says she loves me the way I am. Maybe I'll stay a westie for a bit longer. But now I'm a sleepy westie....

Monday, 2 July 2007

New friend

I made a new friend today. I mean, thats not really news since I make new friends all the time but there was this nice kid I met while walking and he really liked me. Turns out his dad doesn't want him to get a pet. Something against hairy creatures but this kid really liked me. Wants to walk me all the time and play with me. I was really tired and we played around but I needed a sleep. Anyway, turns out mummy was a bit jealous and doesn't want anyone else walking me. I don't blame her. I am super cute.

Had a great day. I have new food bowls. They are pink and spotty. I like pink...almost as much as chicken cake!