Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What are gardens for?

What a busy few weeks I have had. I mean, everyone has been wanting to spend so much time with me. Mummy and Daddy both took time off work to spend time with me which was really nice. I even got some cool presents out of it. I got a new pink diamond collar, new dog tag, a squeaky toy and a pull-toy...I am so lucky.
It's been a couple of weeks of adventure. First I had to protect everyone in my Highland estate from a vicious scottie dog from down the road, then there was lightening which struck the house. Mummy was so scared she made us sleep in the same room as Auntie Rona. We were all up all night and mummy was exhausted the next day.
When we finally made it back to Inverness Daddy had really missed me and dedicated his evening to playing sweet music to me from the local venue. His whole family had missed me and invited me round for dinner which was nice as I got to play with the tree decorations.
I've made lots of new friends in the park and in the woods, none of them have a collar as nice as mine...
BUT tonight I was so confused. Mummy took me for a walk and I went to take my usual squat on the neighbours garden and mummy wouldn't let me. She was mumbling something about "...lights on....might see you....not dignified..." I don't know what that means!!!!
I mean, what else is a piece of grass for if a dog can't do a poo?

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